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Table 1 Medical equipment & personnel dedicated to CCCA transport

From: Collective Critical Care Ambulance: an innovative transportation of critical care patients by bus in COVID-19 pandemic response

Equipment Count
Medical equipment for each workstation
Physio-Control Lifepak 15™ or Lifepak 12™ multi-parametric monitor/defibrillator 1 per workstation
Monnal T60™ or Elisée 350™ ventilator 1 per workstation
 Syringe pumps 4 per workstation
 Suction unit 1 per workstation
 Vacuum Mattress (VM) 1 per workstation
 3 m3 Oxygen Cylinders (p = 200 bars) 2 per workstation
 Power supply by transformer and batteries for Class II biomedical devices (stand-alone time = 60 h) 1 per workstation
 Isothermal blanket 1 per workstation
Additional pooled resources available for the 6 workstations
 Large container for intensive care consumables and drugs 1
 Large container for Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) including:
Disposable Tyvek Classic Plus™ coveralls;
FFP2 Masks;
Gloves, shoe covers, etc.
Abbott i-STAT System™ blood analyser 1
Hemocue™ Hb 201 System for hemoglobin testing 1
Spare equipment*
 Spare ventilator 1
 1 m3 Oxygen Cylinders (p = 200 bars) 6
 ALS ambulance stretcher trolleys 2
Healthcare personnel (CCCA medical team)
 Doctors (senior - resident) 2 (1–1)
 Critical Care Nurses 4
  1. *Spare equipment was boarded in the trunks (baggage compartments)