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Table 3 Patients treated with V-A ECLS in case of cardiogenic shock.

From: Extracorporeal life support for management of refractory cardiac or respiratory failure: initial experience in a tertiary centre

Patients Age/Gender SAPS II at admission Cardiogenic shock etiology Intra Aortic Balloon Pump ECLS duration (hours) ECLS-related complications ICU LOS (days) ICU outcome
Pt 1 43/M 61 Post cardiac arrest heart failure-ARDS in near-drowning Yes 120 None 26 Survived
Pt 2 55/F 67 Multi Organ Dysfunction Syndrome No 72 None 5 Non survived
Pt 3 68/M 91 Multi Organ Dysfunction Syndrome No 24 None 2 Non survived
Pt 4 24/F 47 Post cardiac arrest heart failure Yes 189 Local bleeding, aneurysm 14 Survived