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Table 2 Patients treated with V-A ECLS for in-hospital cardiac arrest.

From: Extracorporeal life support for management of refractory cardiac or respiratory failure: initial experience in a tertiary centre

Patients Age/Gender SAPS II at admission Diagnosis at hospital admission Cardiac arrest etiology Initial rhythm of cardiac arrest ACLS duration to ECLS (minutes) Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC) ECLS duration (hours) ECLS-related complications ICU LOS (days) ICU outcome
Pt 1 66/F 60 Septic shock Multi Organ Dysfunction Syndrome Asystole 60 No 6 None 2 Non survived
Pt 2 59/M 69 Cardiac arrest Bridge to diagnosis Pulseless electrical activity 90 Yes 25 None 2 Non survived
Pt 3 16/M 40 Trauma with brain injury Trauma Pulseless electrical activity 45 No 46 None 9 Non survived
Pt 4 23/M 80 Trauma Hemorrhagic shock Pulseless electrical activity 55 No 3 None 1 Non survived