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Table 1 Variable components of trauma scoring systems

From: Prediction of mortality in critically-ill elderly trauma patients: a single centre retrospective observational study and comparison of the performance of trauma scores

Scoring system Variable components of the scoring systems
Blood transfusion within 24 h
ISS AIS score (1 - minor; 2 - moderate; 3 - serious; 4 - severe; 5 - critical; 6 - unsurvivable) given to 6 body regions (head, face, chest, abdomen, extremities and external)
SBP, respiratory rate, GCS
Age (older or younger than 54)
Blunt or penetrating mechanism
Ps17 ISS
Age, Gender, GCS, Intubation
Pre-existing medical conditions (Modified Charlson Index)
  1. AIS abbreviated injury scale; GCS Glasgow coma scale; GTOS geriatric trauma outcome score; ISS injury severity score; PRBCs packed red blood cells; Ps17 Probability of survival score; TRISS trauma injury severity score; SBP systolic blood pressure